Boris Artzybasheff

Boris Artzybasheff was an illustrator of nearly 50 books, some of which he authored, and over 200 Time magazine covers. His themes during the 1940s primarily focused on the war with his powerful images being very satirical and insightful. Boris Artzybasheff immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1922 at age 23. Being a superb draftsman, he was able to weave a light-hearted, yet strong flavor into his works. His illustrations were diverse, unique, and refreshing for the time. He had the ability to cover many ranges, and his work is reminiscent of Hirschfeld, Disney, Dali, Wolverton, and Wally Wood. Because of his background he served as an advisor to the Psychological Warfare branch of the U.S. State Department during World War II. Artzybasheff was awarded the Newberry Medal in 1928 for his illustrations in Dhan Mukerji's book, 'Gay Neck'. He died in 1965. Source: Walt Reed, "The Illustrator in America"
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