Sell Your Art

Douglas Frazer Fine Art purchases fine paintings and pays immediately for single works or entire collections. We are proud of our reputation for courtesy, promptness and discretion. Please feel free to call or email with inquiries. You may send a photo along with artist information, medium and dimensions, either by mail or e-mail, and we will be able to provide a prompt evaluation.


We are also able to sell your paintings on consignment. The gallery commission and other expenses are deducted from the sale proceeds. Frequently we advance funds for restoration and framing when you consign a work for sale. Transportation, packing and insurance expenses are usually paid by the gallery.  


While we do not produce formal appraisals, we are always happy to provide informal fair market and insurance valuations for our clients.

Please contact us regarding your artworks, either by phone or email

P.O. Box 432
Medina, Washington 98039
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