Lau Chun

Born in Kiangsi, China in 1942, Lau Chun demonstrated interest in art at the age of ten.  After graduating from high school, he entered the Canton School of Fine Art for two years.  With a solid foundation in the ordered and exacting style of classical Asian artists, he left for Hong Kong. In 1962, while living in Hong Kong, Lau was hired by Francis Bodo, a noted Mexican artist, to paint murals and mosiacs which ultimately informs his style in landscape painting.  In 1968, the Revox Corporation of Switzerland bestowed a two-year scholarship grant upon Lau enabling him to study extensively in Europe.   Revox sponsored exhibits of his work in Hamburg and Copanhagen at the end of the two year period.  Attracted by the light and color of the Hawaiian islands, the artist settled in Honolulu in 1971.

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