Martha Greenwell

Martha Greenwell was raised in Honolulu. Always fascinated with the quiet, tranquil, hidden natural beauty of Hawai'i, she has been drawing and painting for 70 years. Her favorite subjects include back roads, fog-shrouded forests, old island shacks, weathered fences, waterfalls and streams, and rolling pastures. She credits her father, Sherwood M. Lowrey, a talented painter in his own right as well as a fine carpenter, photographer and business executive, with not only teaching her to draw but also imbuing her with a love of the outdoors. Both parents encouraged Martha’s love of art. Married in 1939 to the late James M. Greenwell, a manager at the Parker Ranch, she balanced her roles as wife, mother, and artist. Always seen carrying a sketch pad, canvas, pencils, and a camera, Martha Greenwell brought to life the beauty of Hawai'i with a childlike appreciation and deep, heartfelt love. A retrospective of Martha Greenwell's work was held in 2005 at the Isaacs Art Center. Biography originally published by Isaacs Art Center, Waimea, HI
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